The U.S. has a leaky K-12 STEM talent pipeline, with too few students entering STEM majors & careers at every level from those with relevant postsecondary certificates to PhD's.

(Next Generation Science Standards, 2013)

The VSTEM Collaborative consists of a group of stakeholders from across Vermont who are interested in advancing STEM education opportunities for Vermont's students and educators.


To coordinate, energize and advance STEM* opportunities for all students and educators across Vermont that promote informed, creative and sustained problem solving, investigation and design practices.

[*STEM Defined: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education is an integrated and applied approach to problem solving, investigation and design].


1. To promote and advance STEM literacy, achievement and career opportunities for Vermont’s students.

2. To develop and foster a collaborative STEM network for Vermont’s educators, administrators, AOE and state government representatives, students, businesses and other STEM organizations. (i.e. Destination Imagination, Tech Jam, Makerspace etc.) that are involved with STEM education and initiatives.

3. To promote diversity within the STEM fields through work force development, business partnerships and cross-disciplinary collaborations.

Ongoing VSTEM Initiatives

1. VSTEM Organization and Structure

  • Ongoing VSTEM meetings and working committees to promote and realize VSTEM goals and initiatives
  • Develop the VSTEM website and online portal for STEM resources (VSTEM Commons) – Stay tuned for launch of the VSTEM Website and VSTEM Commons Portal

2. VSTEM Funding And Grants

  • Actively seek external funding to support STEM education and STEM professional learning initiatives. Ongoing – local, state, federal and private funding agencies.

3. VSTEM Professional Learning Principles and Practices

  • Develop Principles and Practices for STEM professional learning for VT educators.