PLEASE read before proceeding. 1) The following list includes eight broad STEM categories listed alphabetically that should include your STEM resource. 2) Before you select "Other" at the end, please give careful consideration to the possibility that your resource fits one of the subcategories. 3) If your resource fits more than one "category: subcategory" combination and all the other entries for it are identical, check all the "category: subcategory" combinations that apply in the first question and complete the form only once. If information for your resource changes from one "category: subcategory" combination to another, then please complete the form multiple times. 4) "Academic Programs" officially educate the age group represented such as a specific college. If your resource provides educational services, enter that under "Educational Opportunities" and provide the age group details under "Relevant Information."
This is the first of three entries providing basic information about your resource. This is the name the public knows you by.
Select Vermont-Wide or provide specific regions, counties, or towns in "Other"
Most likely the entry page, but conceivably some page linked from the entry page.
Provide responses such as "year round on weekdays", "last week in August", "anytime", etc.
In this space, try to enter critical information about your resource that is not asked for elsewhere. Things like, "grades 5-12", "poster competition", "emphasis on electronics", and the like. Please try to limit entries to short phrases.
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